A collaborative approach between the architectural team - George Elphick of Elphick Proome Architects and Andrew Makin of designworkshop: sa, has yielded a unique design language.

The homes will exude a striking modern aesthetic that belies their environmental compatibility. They will be low slung elegantly understated single storey buildings that will be essentially invisible in their context ensuring the landscape retains its inherent value and visual quality. Walls will either be of glass or any fit-for-purpose natural material. No paint or other visible coating will be utilized on the exterior facades. Buildings can be dispersed, linked, small or large and they will be arranged to spatially integrate with the landscape.  

Each home, different from every other, will offer a truly exceptional way of living – a retreat from the freneticism of the man- made world and a portal to the vitality of nature.

Each home will build an individual and collective property value to far exceed its investment.





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