Mahathunzi - Architecture

At Mahathunzi we focus on preserving the pristine nature of the property. The estate places a strong emphasis on homes being designed to blend in, and residents are able to enjoy expansive views of open grasslands, acacia outcrops and bushveld forest uncluttered by houses. All structures will nestle within the landscape, with the positioning on plots and construction style rendering them invisible to other homes.

Low slung, elegantly understated single storey buildings, walls of glass, visibly natural materials and dispersed, linked, small or large dwellings arranged to spatially and experientially integrate with the landscape will pioneer a calm revolution in South African and African architecture.

The architectural guidelines of the estate have been constructed in such a manner so as to uphold the joint goals of minimal visibility and minimal environmental impact, whilst allowing residents maximum freedom in the design and construction of their homes.

The six architectural guidelines are as follows:
1.    Level platform construction
All homes must be built on a level platform, allowing for minimal excavations. With a level platform, homes can be positioned to nestle invisibly into the landscape.
2.    Single-story living
2.1    Homes may be single-storey only.
2.2    A wraparound veranda with a minimum of 3 metres width is required around all buildings.
2.3    Homes may be built in a single structure or as a cluster of buildings. This is the homeowner’s choice.
3.    Low-pitched roofs
Any roofing material (with the exception of thatch) is acceptable, provided all roofs have either a low pitch or are flat.
4.    Minimal light pollution
No direct light sources may be visible from the exterior of the building.
5.    Colours
5.1    Where a roof is not living (that is covered in soil and grass) it must be painted in Mahathunzi’ s signature ‘fauna’ or earthen colour.
5.2    All building walls must be painted in Mahathunzi’s signature ‘fauna’ or earthen colour provided they aren’t already an earthen colour.
5.3    Pools and driveways must also be in the approved earthen colour.
6.    Landscaping
Landscaping must be indigenous and is required in order to break the outline of any structure. The approved plant and tree list which is an annexure to the Management Rules, provides a wide variety of choices for residents.

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